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You. Your Investments.

1 BLUEBILL Financial exists to help individuals, couples, families and generations prepare well for life events that involve finances:  Cash Management, Risk Management (which may or may not require insurance), Investment Planning, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning.

Let us know if you want to review your current financial plan(s) together.   We help our clients answer questions such as:

  • Is my spending reasonable? (Cash Management)
  • Will it increase or decrease when I am retired?  (Cash Management)
  • Should my savings be for me or my children's or grandchildren's education first?  (Cash Management)
  • How often can I buy a new car?  (Cash Management)
  • Should I sell my cabin?  (Cash Management)
  • Do I need life insurance?   If so, for how long?   (Risk Management)
  • If I lost my job or could not work, what money would pay for me or my family?  (Risk Management).
  • Are my stock/equity investments properly diversified?  (Investment Planning)
  • Do I need to invest in Bonds?   Why?  Why not?  (Investment Planning)
  • How much of my gross income do I pay in income taxes?  (Tax Planning)
  • Is my effective tax rate reasonable now?  During retirement?  (Tax Planning)
  • Given the track I am on, which will last longer:  me?  my spouse? Or, my money)? (Retirement Planning)
  • What can I do today to never run out of money?  (Retirement Planning)
  • Given my expenses, what date should I plan to retire?  (Retirement Planning)
  • How much will I be withdrawing from my savings when my retirement begins? (Retirement Planning)
  • Given how much I will be withdrawing from my savings, how long will my savings last?  (Retirement Planning)
  • What accounts (account types) should I spend first? (Retirement Planning)
  • Should I apply for my social security early, on-time or later?  (Retirement Planning)
  • Will I have money left for heirs or charities?  (Estate Planning)
  • If so, should I leave it in a Irrevocable Trust?  (Estate Planning)
  • Should my existing accounts be owned by a Revocable Trust?  (Estate Planning)
  • Do all my accounts have the beneficiaries I want?  (Estate Planning)
  • Do I need a Will?  (Estate Planning)
  • What if my account beneficiaries are different than what my Will states?   (Estate Planning)
  • How will my life turn out if I do not take a proactive approach to my personal financial situation? 

LeeAnn Leske and resources are passionate about motivating individuals, couples, families, and generations to be attentive to their investments, spending, savings and vision for themselves.   She has a natural interest in helping others and managing money.  LeeAnn started preparing for this life's work mission in 2008 and retired from the airline business in 2010.  She passed the Series 7, Series 66, and insurance exams in 2010.   She spent 7 years with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Through 1 BLUEBILL Financial, LeeAnn is perfectly positioned to coach others to be successful.  All clients have a plan.  All plans have investment portfolios designed to meet defined goals. 

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck